Rapid test for Feline Infectious Peritonitis virus (FIPV Ab)

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Rapid test for Feline Infectious Peritonitis

for cats SelfLab FIPV Ab

Infectious Peritonitis is a highly fatal cat disease that concers cats of all ages, especially kittens.

SelfLab FIPV Ab tests helps to quickly diagnose this disease.


Set contains:

  • a pair of single use gloves
  • a razor
  • cotton swab with alcohol
  • single use blood lancet (color pink)
  • tube with assay buffer
  • all-in-one container (color blue)
  • small adhesive bandage
  • instruction of use

How to perform the FIPV Ab test?


Unpack the set

Unpack all elements of the set. Take out the test cassette from the pouch.

Take care of your safety!

Put on the gloves.
Every sample may be a potentially contagious material. (If necessary, shave the puncture spot with the razor included in the set.)

Disinfect the puncture spot

Use the cotton swab with alcohol and disinfect the puncture spot.

Use the lancet

Remove the cap from the lancet, massage the puncture site and press the lancet well into the puncture site until you hear a clear click.

Perform the test and wait for results

Take a blood sample (look at instruction of use), add the sample to the assay buffer. Add 3-4 drops of the mixture to the sample well “S”.
Read the results after 5 minutes.

Interpretation of the results

Positive result: two colored lines will appear - in the test line zone and control line zone
Negative result: only one colored line will appear in the control line zone
Invalid result: the colored line does not appear in the control line zone